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Always here to help with every aspect of your business

Keeping the Momentum

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We all go through times during the year when we feel less productive and less motivated than normal. As an employer, it can be frustrating to try and keep motivation levels high amongst your team. Whether you’ve noticed a slump in productivity, or simply want to prevent it, here are some tips.


When people know more about something, it ignites their passion. The more your team understand and have knowledge of your business, products and services, the more likely it is that they'll push for its success. It also increases the feeling amongst team members of being valued. By sharing information and encouraging your team to upskill, you’ll spark their renewed enthusiasm for the business.


Always recognise and reward good work. It doesn't need to be a grand gesture, but acknowledgement is compelling. By showing your team you're aware of their efforts, you're both rewarding the drive they’ve already demonstrated and encouraging them to greater heights. In recognising individual and team achievements, you create a powerful feedback loop where positive inputs create positive outputs.

Avoid micromanagement

No one likes having someone watch over their shoulder. What's worse is when someone has put a lot of effort into something, only for every detail of it to be picked apart or altered. This is not only demeaning but also incredibly demotivating. It's hard to step back from micromanaging, to delegate effectively and trust the capabilities of your employees. Remember, they're there for a reason and are doing the job they know best. By refraining from micromanagement and putting some trust in your team, it will also free up your time to do the things you're best at and to focus on moving the business forward.


There is nothing more disheartening to an employee than to have inadequate resources. In order to function correctly, your team need to have the right tools. It's one of the first and most regular questions you need to be asking, 'do you have the right resources to perform your role adequately?' and if not, ‘how can we fix it?’

Don’t hold back

Don’t assume that just because some team members are not very demonstrative or are older or a bit reserved, that they don’t need just as much encouragement, support and direction as others. Everyone likes to be appreciated. You might have to modify your style a bit but taking time to discover what makes everyone in your team tick will yield dividends. (Quite literally, sometimes). Take the time to reach each member of your team and let them know you value their contribution to the business – it’s a key motivator.

The most important point to remember is communication - being open, clear and positive with your team creates the right environment to motivate them.

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