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Safer Farms - Control the Roll

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We have been contacted by Safer Farms, a non-profit organisation established by leaders from across the agricultural sector to protect New Zealand’s farming people, to assist them to promote Control the Roll. 

Safer Farms has launched 'Control the Roll' - a campaign to raise awareness for the lifesaving cash back initiative currently available via ACC. A Crush Protection Device (CPD) creates a gap when it rolls over and meets the ground, taking the impact of the bike and keeping it off the operator laying underneath it. This increases the chance of a positive outcome for the operator in the event the quad bike rolls over. 

The ACC cash back offer allows farmers to receive $180 (plus GST) cash back on up to two devices, including the Quadbar, Quadbar Flexi, and ATV Lifeguard CPDs. 

If you have any queries around this, do not hesitate to contact Safer Farms through -

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